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Sherman’s Super System Review

Sherman's Super System is a widely advertised horse racing betting system that is being sold through the internet via Poker88. It is the creation of Jason Thompson, a Cornell graduate with a PhD in statistics after having finished first class in Fey's statistics, which Rich has shared with me in my wanting to know how the system worked.

This system does not involve betting on every race like some other systems do, instead Jason simply tells you to bet when it looks to be a good bet. He teaches you to find good bets and limit your losses, something that all betting systems cannot do.

This system is not a system that guarantees you will make money. Rather, it teaches you to identify good bets, and to limit your losses when you face a loss.

The best thing about this system is that it places no requirements on the type of races you want to bet on, or the number of races you want to bet on. You can bet on as many races as you want and bet on them in such a way that best suits your style.

Once you have developed your own style, you can then expand and bet on more races once you have mastered your own particular approach to betting.

This is the reason why there are eighty different types of races across three different systems: eight give you various combinations of men and horses, while the other twelve funds you to choose a horse that has highest chances of winning a race.

Obviously, the less combinations you pick the less likely you are to win, however if your number ones or ones are drawn out you can still make big wins. This system does require you to spend some time identifying your most likely victors, although I imagine that you could probably learn more than yourself.

What I find most amazing about this system is that it actually teaches you how to spot the right opportunities to bet on and the amount to bet, something that bookies simply do not want you to know. They want you to go through their identifies and not bet on anything else, which will always leave you with a lot of losing bets.

However, when you do spot the opportunity to bet on, you will discover a lot of money and a whole lot of excitement. I would actually not recommend this system to those who want to make money quickly because the money management involved could result in disastrous losses, however, if you are a traditionalist then this may not apply to you.

What I love about this system is that it will actually teach you how to manage your money. You will be taught to place different amounts of money on different outcomes, rather than all over the place like many other systems. You will also learn to spot certain opportunities to bet on and that is why I find this a revolutionary betting style and system and highly recommend that you try it.