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Finding the Lowest House Edge

It's possible that you've heard of the house advantage in casino games, but do you know how you can determine if you can find the lowest house edge? Many experts will tell you that you actually have very low probability of winning. Let's say that you are playing roulette and you have picked a number that has appeared in a roulette wheel 12 times in a row. There are experts that say this is the fastest way to win, but is there any evidence that proves this? Actually there is.

In this article we are going to present some solid evidence that you can use to minimize the house edge and ultimately increase your chances of winning. We'll start with blackjack.

Blackjack is the only casino game that gives the players an advantage over the casino. With the right strategies, you can even beat the house edge and the odds even out. But not many people want to take the time to learn those strategies, so we'll show you how you can easily learn the basic strategy of blackjack. It's really not that hard to learn, and when you are trying to reduce the house edge, you'll really gain a lot of respect for the game.

Blackjack should be a game where the players have some sort of advantage. When you understand the game, you'll understand that the players are in a low-risk situation. The odds are even or even, the players won't often be in disadvantage. The dealer has to hit on some hands, the players don't often lose, but when they do you can often win at these bets. It doesn't cost much, and the house edge is so low that you can't really get much in the way of odds that are against you.

Let's look at the various strategies for Egp88. mathematically, you are at an advantage when the house has lower cards than you. If the house has cards such as a 2,5,6 for example, than you are at a disadvantage. But, you can also win when the house has cards such as the 10,J,Q,K,A,and the Ace. You can't win when they have cards such as 2, 9, 7, 5, 6, 4, and 3. Ah, this sounds promising. But, do you know the cost? It can be up to 4 times as much to play with the table limit, $5, $10, and $20 when the dealer is showing these cards. Can you afford to do this? Can you REALLY afford to play $20 in a $5, $10, $20, and $40 session? Can you REALLY benefit from playing $5, $10, and $20?

You should play lower card values when the house has a lower uptrend. When the dealer has cards 8-6-4-5, I play cards such as 7,8, and 10 to win. Now, if the trainer has cards 5-4-3-10, I change my values. Now, if the trainer has cards 10-8-7-4, I re-raise.

With a low trainer, the odds are higher for the players to hit. With a high trainer, the odds are higher for the players to hit. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but this rule is a good way to handicap a table, if you know what to look for. Since we are counting cards, it is easier to spot trends. A high trainer has more cards in play, and, as a result, their cards are higher. By calling a reasonable bet, we know we can expect to see a good bit more good cards, especially if the trainer is also hitting some of those high cards. We've identified an advantage before we've even looked at the cards. When we include the initial bet in this hand, along with the additional outs available (the six outs from the dealer, plus the four outs we've already estimated), we have a fairly good idea of the value of our hand.


It's possible to play faro with no advantage at all. To do so, you use the same technique from the stud poker strategy, except you don't look at the dealer's cards. A legitimate dealer in a live game will hit on 16 or under. On SAVE, he'll hit on 17 at the OVERRUN. Not with 100% certainty, but you can at least SAVE and thus determine in advance the general range of outcomes. For example, there is a predictable pattern of 6's to 9's to Q's to K's.