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All About Online Slots

Are you aware of the different types of casino games? There are 3 very distinct varieties of the game and they are:

• Traditional Card Games
• Online Card Games
• Fruit Machines

Although many card games also exist, they are not very popular compared to the first two. The slots games are usually the most popular among the three which include: pokerlounge99, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, keno and slots.

The reason why the slots have become more popular than the other card games is that it is a game which requires no special skills or talent unlike other card games. The prizes however, are not as high in the slots as they are in other card games.

Online slots are the most popular of the fruit machines. This is because once you know how to play, you can always find a variation of the game that will be attractive and exciting.

The way in which they work is that you press the spin button and the reels start to spin. When the reels stop the combination of symbols that have been drawn will be your winning amount.

Normally there are two versions of online slot machines, but in some cases they will work together. There is the basic version, which includes the fruit machine as well as the normal online poker machine; and the other is the video version, which is the online slots with the video slot bonus feature.

The fruit machine bonus feature is often a Whatever machine feature and nothing else. This means that when you win the special feature you will get whatever the slot machine has left. This is really a bonus feature and it really should not be thought of as a feature; it is normal.

The other feature you should know is that when you win the bet from the fruit machine, you will be informed that you have won the amount that was there on the reels.

The really unique feature of this slot machine is that it has a couple of different bonus features. When you hit five just the right combination of symbols, the bonus will be activated. Then you will hear a fraction of the slot machine beep, which is normally used to announce a special feature.

In this machine there are two features that you should know about. First is that there are two bonus features, both of them are activated if you bet at least one coin per spin. The second feature is that the bonus features are triggered only if you bet at least two coins per spin.

The really unique feature of this machine is that the bonus features are triggered even if you do not bet at least one coin per spin. In fact, even if you don't bet at all, you can still win the slot bonus. This proves that the slot machine thinks whatever bet you put in has a least a little chance of being the winner.

To help you get a better understanding of this slot machine, I will sum up the features: First, there is the fruit machine, which is activated if you put in at least one coin per spin; secondly, there is the wild symbol which is exclusive to this slot machine; finally, there is the spinning reels feature, which is triggered only if you bet at least two coins per spin.

You should know what each of these features means so that you can claim the bonus features when you activate them. Remember that both the fruit machine and the wild symbol are on the screen and that the images displayed on the screen do not change even if the machine is set to look for either one of them.

If you spin all the way to the bottom and still have not met the requirements for the bonus feature, the flashing "BONUS" symbol on the screen helps you to know where you stand. As you spin, the machine does the "autoshuffle" and gives you a bonus of the amount that you have. Make sure that you have recorded the bonus amount before you leave the machine, because if you do not do this, you might forget and not claim your bonus)Recording the saved game data This is especially useful if you have won the jackpot and you have more than one machine, but you have less than 5 coins in all the machines. To record the saved game data, press the option key (oupC) and you will get a small window with four checkboxes. "Yes,"; "No,"; "I agree,"; "I disagree,"; press the first checkbox, then the second checkbox; press the third checkbox, and so on. The saved game data is saved on your computer, and the same data is shown every time you play, giving you the best possibility to see the results. If you want to withdraw the bonus, you have to press the cash back button on the slot machine you have just played.