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A Critical Review of the 83″ Green Poker Table

The 83" Poker Table Green is a large table which accommodates 10 players. Let us check out the features of the 83" Poker Table-Green.

If you are looking for a large but slim poker table then the Poker Table-Green is the one that you should go for. This is a no frills poker table which can be used in the house. I will just call this the "no frills" table. This table is good enough to be used in the house and also to entertain friends.

However, the 83" Poker Table-Green is a poker table which can be used in the club. If you are having a poker club in your club then this table can be used by you. This table is a good buy for people who are having a poker room in their club and want to have a large but slim poker table. This table can be bought in all the common places like city markets and large chain stores.

The 83" Poker Table-Green has a full set of bumper pads around the table. This feature makes the table extremely comfortable for the players and conduct any kind of card games. I was very impressed with the bumper pads as even after a few hours of playing the cards do not get damaged.

The table also has the standard cup holders which are a good addition to the 84" Poker Table-Green. You can easily serve coffee on the table in the lounge or in the bar. If you are planning to have a poker game at home you can go for this table. This table will surely not give you any problems with the table. If you buy the 83" Poker Table-Green, you will surely not regret your decision. This table even stays like that.

Now coming to the price. The 83" MPO777 Table-Green has a price tag of $300. If you are buying a poker table from somewhere else than the direct dealer, you will have to pay extra charges. The table will cost around $AngrierDSays 300 whether you buy from the dealer or from the direct dealer. However, because the price is good, this table may be a good value for buying.

The size of the table is 83"x44" which makes this table 83"x44"x44". There is a small Round Base which makes the table comfortable. This is another feature of the table which makes it very comfortable to sit on the table. The table does not have the classy table surface but it is a standard table surface. The table gets a rating of 8 out of 10 in its category. The 8 out of 10 is an excellent rating for the 83" Poker Table-Green.

If you are planning to buy a standard size poker table, this one needs to go in the list. I would rate this table high and would highly recommend it. If you buy this table you will definitely not regret your decision. This table even comes with a dealer button, which clues you that this is a standard table sold with a diameter of 83".

This 83" Poker Table-Green has got all the ingredients made to make the perfect poker table. The only thing you need to do is the first table, coffee cup holders and cards and you are all set to make your poker table an instant 8 out of 10 in every aspect.

The table gets a total point of 8 out of 10 in its category. If you are planning a standard poker table without the high end features, this table may not be the right one for you. However if the table can be used to entertain you friends making it a mini-casino for poker gamers, this table can be a good buy.

If you are a poker fan and you are bored of using your dining table top for poker games, you can check out this 83" Poker Table-Green. At the first glance the table may not be a smalltable but it can easily accommodate 8 people. The table has a Fargo scratch in the surface as well. The surface may allow the cards to slide more easily.

Anything can be upto 30"63" or 39"62" accommodate the table. The table has folding legs, which makes it very portable. If you are looking at a standard size table, this table definitely needs a serious consideration. The size tabletop will conceal your cards better than a table tabletop and you can easily squeeze in more players using the simple fold up legs.

This table even comes with a dealer tray, which makes it simple to keep the game going in your favor. Anything you carry around can be easily set on the dealer tray, you can shuffle and deal, or off course, carry on the game.

Getting a standard size poker table will certainly not give you a mini-casino setup, but it can be modestly priced and still serve your purposes.